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MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory, it is a high-performance programming language used for technical computing. MATLAB programming languages’ inception was for engineers and scientists. It provides an easy to use environment where it combines computation, programming, and visualization and expresses problems and solutions in a simpler and natural mathematics. MATLAB is a product by MathWorks. It was developed by Clover Moler, released in 1984. 
MATLAB is a fourth-generation programming language and works in a multi-paradigm computing environment. With time MATLAB has improved a lot. Various changes incorporated into it making it more efficient and able to perform various tasks. MATLAB can perform symbolically as well as numerical computing and its toolbox which is the MUPad symbolic engine and Simulink helps in the creation of graphical models and embedded systems.
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Learn The Applications Of MATLAB 

Being a student, you might be eager to know where MATLAB can be used or what are its applications. Our professional MATLAB assignment help experts have described a few applications of MATLAB. As you all know MATLAB provides a numerical computing environment, it can have the following uses.
Curve Fitting
Curve fitting is a toolbox that helps in data prediction. Once a specific trend curve or surface is derived, it foretells the future trends. 
Embedded Systems
These are the computer systems having various hardware and software elements. These systems are made to carry out a specific task. MATLAB helps by generating codes and that codes run on the hardware all this happens with just a click or a push of a button. Examples are printers, Washing machines, Cameras, etc.
Control Systems
Another notable use of MATLAB is that it helps in controlling various systems. Control system manage devices, give commands to them and modify devices working behavior. Devices that are controlled with the help of MATLAB could be home heaters to projectors and other industrial systems. 
Digital Signal Processing
Digital processing with the help of computers or digital processors is known as digital signal processing. MATLAB products simplify signal processing techniques. It feasibly analyzes the time series data and serves integrated workflow for streaming applications.
Wireless Communication
Connecting two devices without a wire is comes under the category of Wireless communications. Wireless signals help to connect devices. Engineers take the help of MATLAB as it completes the work efficiently with less time and reduces the design issues.

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  • Experimental research includes research properties that were used by the researcher. 
  • Analytical research is all about the theory of a subject, it helps in building formal modeling.
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MATLAB is not just a programming language, rather an applied math-based software used for simplifying critical computer calculations. MATLAB can be helpful in the field of economics, physics, finance, accounts, mathematics. Our team of professional programmers can help you in the following areas.

  • MATLAB Image processing
  • Data visualization
  • Econometric forecast models
  • Financial analysis
  • Signal acquisition and filtering
  • Solids mechanics
  • Artificial intelligence problems (Neural Networks)
  • Computer vision
  • System optimization problems
  • Voice recognition: MFCC, Cestrum, ANN method

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