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What Is HTML?

HTML is known as HyperText Markup Language. It is considered the most common programming language used for creating web pages. Different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. read HTML documents and provide the visual based on the coding. HTML programming language defines how content will be displayed on the Web browser.
Creating web pages through HTML is simple and does not require high-level programming. The HTML codes consist of tags and attributes.

For example, if you want to write a paragraph using HTML code, you can simply do it by placing the content between two tags,
<p> and </p>
Here <p> tag is placed before the start of the paragraph and </p> is placed once the paragraph ends. HTML is a markup language. One can easily make web pages by using HTML codes.

Other Important Tags In HTML

<img>: Used to define an image
<map>: It helps in providing client sides image map
<iframe>: It signifies an inline frame
<canvas>: Helps in drawing the graphics with the help of JavaScript
<figure>: Defines self-contained content.
<textarea>: Specify multiline input control
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HTML Language can be used with JAVA, PHP, Python, .Net and many other server-side scripting languages.

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Example of HTML

Here is an example of a simple HTML page with some basic design elements:

HTML Code Example -


HTML Exmple Output

In this example, we have an HTML page with a head section that includes a title and a style element. In the style element, we have defined some basic CSS styles to change the font, background colour, text alignment, and other layout elements.

In the body of the page, we have a container div element with a class of “container”. The container element is used to centre the content of the page and set a maximum width.

Inside the container, we have an h1 heading element with the text “Welcome to my website” and two p elements with some sample text.

This is just a basic example and you can add more elements and styles to make the page more complex and beautiful. But this example will give you a basic idea of how HTML and CSS work together to create web pages with design.